HR Policies

Where Do I Access Farm Policies?

Where Do I Access Farm Policies?

HR policies communicate the values of your business. They tell workers what to expect from the workplace and what that workplace expects from them. Your policies and procedures reflect your expectations around workplace behaviour—what is acceptable and what is not. They also help managers and supervisors resolve problems fairly and consistently, even when dealing with workers who are also family members. Finally, well-written HR policies ensure that your business reflects employment standards and legislation, and they provide legal protection against employment-related claims.

Every business will make different choices when it comes to developing HR policies. Some employers prefer to have a written policy for everything, while others prefer to deal with situations as they arise and keep written policies to a minimum. The best approach is something in between, which provides some flexibility in dealing with workplace issues, but also gives workers and supervisors a set of rules and expectations to guide their behaviour on the job.

The AgriHR Toolkit contains a sample Employee Handbook designed specifically for the Canadian agricultural sector. It includes a range of policies that meet a number of legislative requirements and encourage the fair and consistent treatment of workers. The handbook can be downloaded and adapted to fit the needs of your workplace and the employment standards and legislation in your jurisdiction.

This module will help you to adapt the Employee Handbook to your needs, implement it on your farm, and keep it updated.

NOTE: Only registered HR Toolkit Users can download the Employee Handbook. You can sign-up for the HR Toolkit here.